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Updated: May 7, 2020

Live statistics of the internet show that there are over 200 million active websites in the world out of a total of 1.5 billion. This number should tell you why your business has probably not been receiving as much attention - competition. With so many websites offering similar services and products, it has become difficult to draw attention to your own. One of the best solutions for your business to turn the tables is hiring an experienced and competent digital designer to do a makeover of your website.

What has digital design got to do with business?

You would be excused for assuming that your products and services alone would draw customers and keep them coming. Perhaps you really are the best in the business, but no one will know unless they can see it. Increasing competition on the internet means you have to catch a customer's attention quickly and keep them engaged. This is exactly what a designer can do for your business by creating a brand that is instantly recognized and trusted.

It's not that hard to believe how much of a difference a recognized brand can make. If I say something like "laptop" you probably have one or two brands immediately in mind, the same thing happens with "car" or "Shampoo". This is true for something you usually use, you have favourites, and that's fine, everyone has them. But what about something that's new? That might be your client's perspective, and in that case, the visual appeal will make a huge difference.

Get yourself in your customer's shoes, you are buying something you«ve never bought before, trying something for the first time and you have to choose. As far as your limited knowledge can tell, the product characteristics are pretty similar, but for some reason, you lean towards a specific item... why? Because deep down, when you look at that one, it looks good, it looks right.

Where can you find digital designers?

It'ss very easy to find a designer for your business website and you probably already know one yourself. But you probably didn't go to them because you know just how much it would cost you to hire them. Well, the good news is that you can still get the same quality of service, if not better, by hiring online. A lot of big companies are turning to the internet when hiring professionals because they recognize that talent is not restricted by location. You too can benefit from this trend by finding a digital designer to help your business stand out from the rest.

One of the best places on the web to find designers freelancing is Fiverr, feel free to check it out!

Why hire a digital designer online?

As you run a business, costs are a constant worry because you definitely wouldn't want to overpay on one thing and lack funds for another. Many websites will let you find a digital designer within your budget so that your business is not affected. It is possible to find a more affordable designer online because most of them work for different clients rather than relying on a single employer.

You are also cutting the "middle man", meaning you're not paying the design studio who you hire and the designer, just the later. This improves the designer's work conditions since they can accept the payment they think they deserve and be their own boss. This is also why you can find excellent services because freelancers tend to have more experience in different projects.

As a business owner, you also know how slow the hiring process can be, so doing it online, where you can check work samples, prices and any other information you need instantly, saves you time and money.

Thinking about getting yourself a designer online? Try Fiverr, it's our top pick for freelance designer work ;)

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