Frequently asked questions

Why should I trust your reviews?

First of all, great question. Nowadays the internet is full of reviewers and people advertising whatever and whomever pays them the most. Our aproach is different, we only advertise products we use ourselves and even then, we give everyone a fair review. That is why you'll never read an article and think "this is too good to be true", because we go through all the ups and downs.

I heard you get paid when I purchase something you recomend, is that true?

That may be the case sometimes. Everytime that happens, it will be specified in the article, no hidden tricks there. However keep in mind we always provide fair and honest reviews. In no way a few dollars are worth more than your hapiness with the product we recommend, but affiliate links help us keep the website running and put food on the table, plus maintain everything Ad free. Another important aspect is that it comes with no extra cost to you, and sometimes using our links will even give you a discount, everybody wins!

I'm an aspiring writer and would love to help you develop more content, can i write for you?

Yes & No really... We love your enthusiasm but it's not possible at the moment to accept and pay for everybody that wants to provide articles, and we wouldn't be confortable not paying for your hard work. HOWEVER if you feel like doing some freelance content work from time to time, we are currently developing an email list of freelancers who we will contact everytime some extra work comes up, just send us a message from the contact section, explain that's what you want and you'll be informed as soon as something comes up.

Why is the Tech Reviews section "Members Only"?

The Tech Reviews section right now is under developed and still takes a lot of work to update regularly. For that reason we wanted to keep it for "Member eyes only" for now. The good news is: you already have everything you need to become a member! Just create an account (it's free, don't worry) and you're in! By doing that you are showing us your support and get to receive first hand updates of everything we are up to.

Awkward Question... Why penguins?

Well, first of all, they're cute and for us, that counts! On a more serious note, penguins live in a large group (called Rookery) and do everything together, they are a great community and that's what we want to create here. We want to help anybody who wants to learn more about technology and how it can improve your daily life. We want to make life easier for you.

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